Sunday, November 9, 2008

*deep breath*

okay. i have a blog. this is slightly scary. i dont know what i'm supposed to write here. will anyone even read this, i wonder. i suppose there is you....thank you? okay whatever this is lame. there is a purpose. a meaning to this blog. a reason why i need this and maybe why someday it'l be worth something. read the description. when all is said and done, i will be huge. ginormous. bigger than atif -_- ... or well comparable..hopefully.

since stuff doesn't really happen on a day to day basis i suppose in the days to come i will dwell on the past a bit more than the present. set up a prologue, as it were, for this tale of mine. wait, and you might receive. we aren't really sure. anyway. i am ali. hear me snore.

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