Thursday, November 13, 2008

a whisper in the wind

Holy shit! It's cold! Well...sort've...colder if you must.

FINALLY the weather begins to back off. After weeks of listening to Owais Malik, on CityFM89's GenerationX, go on and on about how in Islamabad people have started to bring out their jackets and people messaging in telling him and everyone how Lahore is cooling down; Karachi is catching up bitches!

I love winter. Absolutely positively adore it. I like wearing lots of clothes and well not really wanting to rip everything off and run around naked and still feel like I'm being broiled on a slow flame with a dash of garlic. Which is all one could possibly do in winter, right? Well yeah, maybe. But then in winter you can go out to your local Agha Juice shop, which is the franchise that wasn't since well a million shops have that name and i don't think any is linked to another. Their coffee is cheap, not all that good and yet seems to be exquisite as you sit on the roadside and slurp from their probably unsanitary crockery. Dirty cups I mean. Heehee suggestivepana.

Oh and in winters I bring out me badass leather jacket. Which is badass since it makes me look badass. Though technically I am not badass. I am a boringass. Also a shortass. At times i suppose lameass and dumbass would also qualify, depending on the bases of your ass-essment ofcourse. Yes. That was a pune.

I also grow a beard. Which makes me look even more badass. Think...daaku. Yes. That badass. If it wern't for the shortass I would be badass I believe. Haye.

See? I told you. Though now that I focus, I dont look that badass. No matter. Will prove that I too can look like a daaku this time round. Thats the jacket by the way.

Also oh shit wait I found it!


That's from one of the times Darkie(brother in stupid shit extroadinaire), Shani(balochi vadere ki aulaad in disguise, also a SSUETy :P) and I hungout. We went to Hotspot and stuff random timewasting ensued falana dhamaka. We also made a video, which is kind've the only reason I wrote all of the above. Yup. Wasted your time, Mr.Nobody. You're my only fan. So here goes.

Lol. That was lame. Anyway, I must dig up stuff to write upon and how to attract readers. Iz part of plan. Oh hey must also continue my mythos about me! Hmm!