Monday, November 10, 2008


Weird how i become that which i so oppose.
Weird how i can not bring myself back from the edges.
This is pretty cool.
Makes things look all poem-y.

I wonder if that hyphen was entirely necessary.
Would you have understood what i meant regardless?

Oh so hey! Road to Rockstardom!
Oh wait, have to stop writing like this.

Yeah so, the prologue to my ongoing story!
I want to be a rockstar! Yes you know this. You've probably read the stuff written under the title. How do i plan to do this? I'm not really sure about that so we'll muse on that later. For now i'll just update y'all on what I've done about this aim till now.

I PLAY BASS!! Mediocrly well. Im not sure if that's the correct spelling. Why do YOU care? Yeah so bass.

The dream started around....umm...nearly 4 years ago. I was in my final year of A levels and my friend had just bought a guitar. Jal had just released their album and I liked Linkin Park. Jal was easy enough to cover so my friend did. Thsi, and the fact that Jal was made up people slightly older than us opened my eyes to a possibility that music isn't really the dead end people who talked about my career around and sometimes to me, made it seem. All of a sudden at the Eid party an underground band showed up, since one of my juniors was a drummer, in that band as we discovered.

Guns 'n Roses, Velvet Revolver, Metallica, Mizraab and Dream Theater followed in my maddened newfound addiction with guitar music. I had to be a guitarist. I had to be amazingly cool. I had to inspire people to reach orgasmic highs by my music.

I had to be Slash.

And then i heard Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Liked it quite a bit. Quite a few days later, a couple of months i believe, randomly walked into Music City(a CD store) and saw a copy of their greatest hits lying there. Since I'd liked Cant Stop i thought I should buy it, though the song wasn't on it and none of the songs that were were familiar to me. Went home. Popped it in. Was blown away. Far far away. I had never heard such music before. Note that the profoundness of the experience will probably not be replicated with anyone else since this was most probably due to my extreme lack of musical experience till that point. Never had I heard such restrained yet crazy drumming. The guitars were not restrained to the usual genre boundaries I'd been exposed to. The vocals were fast, slow, loud, soft and everything in between. And then there was the bass. Flea in my eyes was the end. The end, though temporary, of my dreams till that point. For now, after listening to the album i recorded 43 times; I had a new dream.

I was going to be a bassist.

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